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Creating an Employee Net Promoter Score

Can this software be used to create an Employee Net Promoter Score campaign?   Yes - It Can. Let us show you how you can use the software to setup a recurring Employee Net Promoter Score campaign. Setup an Employee NPS Survey

What is a good Net Promoter Score

The answer to the question, What is a good Net promoter Score, varies greatly upon who you are as a company as well as your current stage in your product life cycle.   It also makes a big difference if your company is customer centric or not. &

New NPS Response View

We are proud to announce that we have released a new version of the NPS Responses view.  The aim for this release was to allow customers to see how their NPS responses are dispersed in an easier and faster manner. At the top of the page we intr

Static NPS Surveys for use in emails

We have a new feature that we are excited to announce.  We now have a Code Builder utility that allows you to create a Static HTML form for use within e-mails and other non javascript/ajax environments. The JavaScript / AJAX components of your

Hosted NPS Forms

The NPS Monitoring framework has an exciting new feature to share about.  Support for hosted NPS forms are now available. With a hosted NPS form you now have the flexibility to just share a link with your customers or clients and allow them to

SSL Support Now Available

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Support has been added to your NPS Monitoring accounts.   SSL is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client.  Customers that desire to deliver their NPS survey

Find The Most Reliable Net Promoter Score Alternatives

When you have a business it is sometimes so hard to find out what type of service they are supplying your customers with. There is a way that you can make sure that your customers are getting the right amount and the right kind of service. By using t

Importance Of Customer Loyalty Surveys In Boosting A Business

For any given business to stay relevant, it needs to have a wide customer base for its products. This is why the importance of customer loyalty surveys should be taken lightly. These surveys helps a business determine its current status at the market

How Can The Net Promoter Score Cut Costs

The goal of many businesses operating in the modern day is to remain effective at the lowest cost possible. The lower costs are, the more the potential profits can be. Net Promoter Score, or NPS, refers to a customer-loyalty metric. This is used to g

New NPS Monitoring Features

With the start of the year we are excited to offer several new features to your NPSMonitoring account.  In todays post we will spend some time going over a few of the new feature additions. We have released several features related to NPS educa
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A Net Promoter Score measures whether or not your users will recommend your site or service. It's not simply a yes or no question. Rather, a 0-10 scale of their likelihood to recommend your site.

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