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What makes a Survey Question Confusing?

What makes a survey question confusing? A survey question is confusing when the intent or meaning of the question is unclear.  This leads the user to a feeling on uncertainty about how to answer.  By contrast, when a question is clear and to the po

Avoiding Working Memory Overload in your Surveys

Today I want to discuss what Working Memory Overload is -- and how dangerous is can be in your Surveys. In short, Working Memory Overload is when your survey and/or questions puts a cognitive burden on your respondents working memory.  This wor

Sample Shopping Experience Survey Questions

In today's post we want to cover Sample Shopping Experience Survey Questions.  These example survey questions are provided in a generalized form so that they can easily be applied toa  wide range of store and products.  Feel free to use them to he

Removing Outliers from your Survey Data

No matter how hard you try, you will get some junk data.  Despite all of your best efforts you will still have those couple of punks that just love to answer whatever they want within your survey. How to Spot Outliers within your Data One of t

What are Ambiguous Questions

Ambiguous Questions - Definition The definition of an Ambiguous Question within a survey is a question in which there is more then a single way to interpret it.  When a question is vague or generalized, this creates an ambiguous interpretation. Am

What are some words to avoid in a Survey?

I am often asked - what are some words to avoid in a Survey?  Well the answer is that there are several types of words that should be avoided in a survey.  You want to get value out of all the hard work you are doing.  You should not

What is the process for creating a Survey

What is the process to create a Survey.  If you are given the task at work to create a customer feedback survey or product research survey - don't fear.  The task might seem daunting at first - but when broken down into simple steps. &n

What is a preconceived question in a Survey?

From a general dictionary you can find a definition for Preconceived Notion as follows: Preconceived notions are ideas or beliefs that a person forms, before actually encountering someone or something, or before learning of any evidence about them

Famous quotes on running a survey

I've done a lot of surveys and interacted with a lot of students, and I was shocked to see that at 12 years old, girls are already talking about dumbing themselves down. - Danica McKellar  This party will not take its position based on pu

Survey Question Red-Flag Words

Red Flag words in survey questions are those that should be avoided at all costs.  These often result in creating Leading Questions or Loaded Questions or just introduce general opinion bias. Why are these bad? Leading Questions are those that steer
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