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A Net Promoter Score measures whether or not your users will recommend your site or service. It's not simply a yes or no question. Rather, a 0-10 scale of their likelihood to recommend your site.

Archive Blog Posts - August, 2013

Example Net Promoter Score (NPS) Reports

With a free subscription to there are several very useful reports that you get access to. Dashboard Net Promoter Score Report The most useful Net Promoter Score report is the Dashboard report that shows you what you curr

What does NPS stand for?

What does NPS stand for?   NPS is an abbreviation for Net Promoter Score. Occasionally I have heard NPS stand for Net Promoter System or Net Promoter Survey, however the proper acronym that is generally accepted is Net Promoter Score. What is

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Plugin for Wordpress together with have developed a free NPS Monitoring plugin for Wordpress. The WordPress NPS Monitoring plugin can be downloaded here Below are some screenshots of the NPS Monitoring plugin for WordPress:   Screenshot

Top 10 articles on Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Over the past several months we have written several articles on Net Promoter Score (NPS).  In this article I want to look back at those and list out the top 10 Net Promoter Score articles. 1. What is NPS and why should you care about it?

How to Analyze NPS Scores and Prioritize Repairs

Let's spend some time talking about NPS - specifically how to analyze your NPS data and prioritize your NPS driven repairs.  This discussion is going to be a lot more then simply saying "improve quality, release good features, etc...".  

What is NPS and why should you care about it?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score.  It is a customer loyalty metric developed by Fred Reincheld, Bain and Company along with Satmetrix.  It was published in the 2003 Harvard Business Review entitled "One Number You Need to Grow." In short i

Is Net Promoter Score (NPS) just a Vanity Metric?

  This question comes up a lot.  Is Net Promoter Score (NPS) just a vanity metric. To answer this question we must understand what NPS is and what it is not.  To be honest - I think this is a very fair question.  NPS in it'

Why you should not game your NPS score.

Several people have asked me for tricks on how to artificially boost their NPS score.  That question immediately sends off red flags that scare me.  Why would you want to artificially boost your own NPS score and data?  If so then your NPS data is

Does improving your NPS correlate to improvements in other business metrics?

The short answer is Yes.  The depth, degree and frequency to the correlation however is what can vary dramatically between companies. How is it Correlated? In it's simplest form, Net Promoter Score is a "Customer Happiness" metric.  If your NPS i

Example NPS Survey Questions

Example NPS Survey Question In this post I want to spend a few minutes providing example NPS Questions.  The key to a solid NPS question is that it is straight to the point, simple and non distracting.  If you have words in your question that confu
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