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Example Demographic Survey Questions

Posted: May 28, 2013

Demographic Survey Questions

Gathering demographic data can be a challenge.  You need to ensure that you are collecting accurate demographic data while at the same time not offending or mis-representing the survey.  Use the following example demographic survey questions to gather the right type of demographic based data that you need.

- In what [City/State] were you born?

- How many employees work at the same [Location/Company] where you work?

- How many bedrooms are in your home?

- On which continent was/were [you / your father / your mother] born?

- Are you currently married, divorced, widowed, separated or never married?

- What languages do you speak comfortably? (Check any that apply)

- How many children under the age of 25 currently live in your home?

- How many people in your household are currently?

- Is the company you work for private or public?  

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