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A Net Promoter Score measures whether or not your users will recommend your site or service. It's not simply a yes or no question. Rather, a 0-10 scale of their likelihood to recommend your site.

Creating an Employee Net Promoter Score

Posted: Oct 12, 2015

Employee Net Promoter ScoreCan this software be used to create an Employee Net Promoter Score campaign?   Yes - It Can.

Let us show you how you can use the software to setup a recurring Employee Net Promoter Score campaign.

Setup an Employee NPS Survey

The first step is to login to your account and create a new NPS Property.  Name is something like "Employee Net Promoter Score" or something similar.

Delivery Method

The next step is to determine how you want to deliver your Employee NPS campaign out to your employees.  We recommend the Hosted URL.  You can also use the raw HTML code for inclusion within an e-mail if that is easier.

Draft up an e-mail that can be sent on a recurring basis.  Keep it short and simple.  Below is an example template.

Dear Employees,

Please take a few seconds of your time to answer our 2 question, Net Promoter Score survey.  The survey can be accessed at the following link:  #####

Your feddback is crucial to us so we understand how to improve our company.

Thank you

You may want to save this somewhere in your e-mail program so that it is easy to use.

Schedule your Employee NPS Survey

The last setup taks is to determine how often to run the survey.  We advise a schedule that correlates with your companies schedules.  Engineering companies that work on 2 week sprints for example may want to send the survey out at the end of each sprint.  Sales companies that work on monthly quotas may want to send the survey at the completion of each sales cycle.  And so on.

Analyze feedback

Whatever schedule you decide to use, wait at least a couple of days before analyzing the feedback.  Since your employees are busy, they may not respond to the survey immediately.  Generally speaking, once 2 business days have passed, the majority of those that are going to respond, have responded.

When you are comparing your results, be sure that you are using a metric that will compare a previous term.  For example, if you are running your survey at the end of each month, then the 30 day comparison will give you the most insight.

If you need a custom timeframe compared, you can do so through the reports handler to create custom timeframes.

Dealing with non responders

When people decide not to respond to your Employee Net Promoter Score survey, do not loose heart.  This generally means that one of a couple possibilities is happening:

  • They were just too busy and didn't have time.
  • Their opinion has not changed since the last time they submitted it.
  • They feel the survey is too frequent.

These reasons above are pretty harmless.  However you may want to gather feedback on whether the survey is sent too often.  If you are having trouble collecting responses, you may want to try spacing out your collections.

The are some reasons to look out for.  Some examples of these are:

  • The employee feel the feedback is not valuable or not listened too.
  • The employee is so disgruntled that they have no interest in helping you.

These are situations that need to be addressed.  You may want to take the route of sharing the results for greater transparency.  Look for patterns of a particular employee ignoring the survey.  Engage with that employee and gather feedback on why they choose not to submit a response.  You may be able to discover and address why they are disgruntled.

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