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Canceling your Subscription

Category: Subscriptions and Billing

We hope that we never lose you as a customer.  However, we understand that plans change and that there are times that an account cancellation is needed.

This tutorial will help guide you through cancelling your active subscription.

NOTE: If you currently have a free subscription there is no action you need to take.

If you have an upgraded subscription you can cancel your current enrollment by downgrading it to a free subscription.

From the navigation menu select the "Account" menu and then select "Subscription Details"

You should see a list of available subscription options.  One of them will be the Free Subscription and will look similar to the following:

NPS Free Subscription

Click on the button to activate the free subscription.

You will be taken to a confirmation screen where you can review your decision to downgrade your account.  Once the change is confirmed your subscription will be marked for cancellation.

NOTE:  Your account will enjoy the full benefits of an active account through your existing billing period.  Once cancelled using the steps above, your account will no longer be automatically renewed.

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