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A Net Promoter Score measures whether or not your users will recommend your site or service. It's not simply a yes or no question. Rather, a 0-10 scale of their likelihood to recommend your site.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Plugin for Wordpress

Category: Subscriptions and Billing together with have developed a free NPS Monitoring plugin for Wordpress. The WordPress NPS Monitoring plugin can be downloaded here Below are some screenshots of the NPS Monitoring plugin for WordPress:   Screenshot 1.  The monitoring dashboard account that calculates your NPS Score and shows you trends over time.

NPS Monitoring Wordpress Plugin Screenshot    

Screenshot 2.  The admin page for the NPS Monitoring WordPress plugin.  An easy setting allows you to enable/disable the plugin with ease.

NPS Monitoring Wordpress Plugin Screenshot    

Screenshot 3.  A sample of the survey being presented to the user.

NPS Monitoring Wordpress Plugin Screenshot

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